Thanks to everyone who attended! We were able to teach 40 students various STEM topics and help them gain confidence in the virtual learning environment.

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Cluster 2 Programs

7/20/20 - 8/10/20


Cluster 2 offers repeat classes of our most popular courses, Java Programming and Intro to the Stock Market, as well as Physics Fundamental and Intro to Economics for those want to explore how the world works both scientifically and monetarily.

Physics Fundamentals

Dive into Newton’s world! Explore fundamental laws that govern the world. Discover the diverse characteristics of projectile motion and how forces act on objects!  This course covers the introductory mechanics topics, primarily kinematics and dynamics, providing students with the fundamentals for Physics, Honors Physics, or AP Physics 1.

Recommended Grades: 6-10

Prerequisite: Algebra I

Cluster 1 Programs

6/29/20 - 7/17/20

Ever wondered how websites are designed? Wanted to create an AI? Curious about finance? Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics where you'll hone your skills and experiment with tools used by industry professionals.

Intro to Programming

New to programming? Interested in understanding the fundamentals behind programming languages? Learn all that and more in this course, using the block-based language, Scratch, and visual coding.

Recommended Grades: 1-6

Prerequisite: No experience required