Java Programming

Dates: 6/28 - 7/9 & 7/19-7/30        Grades: 5-9

Weekdays 3:00 to 5:00 pm PST

Summer 2021

Early Bird Tuition: $298 per student ($398 after 5/01/2021)


Basic Algebra knowledge recommended

Course Description

Invest in your future as a software developer with the most popular coding language in the world-Java! This course provides a strong foundation in Java, as well as skills and knowledge that are transferable to other coding languages. Dive into the fundamentals of variables and objects, and create complex functions using boolean expressions and if-statements. Learn to use Arrays and ArrayLists, as well as modify them with your own custom algorithms. This course also prepares the student very well for the AP Computer Science class in high school. 

Online Course Requirements

-Mac, Windows PC, or Chromebook

-Stable internet with access to Zoom Conferencing

Focusing at Work

By the end of this course you will:

  • Design a program, develop the algorithms it needs, and implement them with code

  • Test and debug program code

  • Document and explain how the program works