Our Staff

Our instructors and tutors include students from top universities who have demonstrated their passion for teaching and STEM


Sianna Xiao

Sianna loves working on the intersection of STEM and society and strives to find connections across multiple disciplines in computer science and technology. She enjoys educating her community and helping inspire them to pursue interest in STEM through various initiatives and outreach projects, from publications and podcasts to research and development programs. Sianna is always eager to share her experiences and dedicated spirit. 


Nicole Jo

Nicole Jo has grown a passion for entrepreneurship and business throughout her studies in high school, and she has created her own startup called DineSure with a group of her friends from the greater Boston area. Other than her involvement in STEM, Nicole is passionate about graphic design, theater, as well as teaching younger students and peers whether that be a topic in STEM or ESL. She will be continuing her passions and interests as a rising senior at Phillips Academy in the fall. 


Nitin Kumar

Nitin is an avid teacher and learner. He's been teaching math and CS in various venues for the past four years and is well-versed at conveying complex ideas in simple terms, often utilizing different interactive lessons and brainstorming sessions. He continues cultivating his interests in math, physics, and CS as a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Erik Zhang

Erik Zhang has been teaching software development for over four years within his CS club and CoderDojo. He knows how to listen, plan engaging activities, and empower students to take their skills further. He is currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania’s M&T program studying computer science, electrical engineering, and business.


Nicole Xin

Nicole's always looking for ways to explore her passion for STEM; one of the outlets for this passion is through teaching. Over the years she has created and taught in-depth lessons with a multitude of organizations such as STEAM and SciOly. She hopes to raise the next generation of students through helping them explore their interests. As for herself, she's going to follow her passion for STEM at UC Berkeley this fall.


Jiro Walther

Jiro has a passion for all things STEM and loves to study math and computer science. He has experience teaching math courses to younger children and is excited to promote the world of STEM. Currently on a gap year, he will be attending Stanford University in 2021 where he plans to study data science.


Alex Wieland

Alex has been passionate about engineering and robotics from a young age, participating in First Lego League in middle school, and now competes in the First Robotics Competition. He also loves the world of business and has participated in LaunchX, a business camp held at MIT. He constantly looks for opportunities to help others become interested in the STEM world.


Tony Xin

Tony is extremely passionate about the world of STEM and the opportunity that it provides to innovate, creating and working on various startups, projects, and events and participating in national-level competitions like Science Olympiad. He's also been using teaching events, like Coder Dojo, as an outlet to share this passion and is excited to teach this summer!


Arjun Patrawala

Arjun Patrawala is a student interested in math and computer science. He really enjoys using code and technology to build elegant solutions to real-world issues and is thus involved in various projects and startups in his community. Teaching the Algorithm camp this summer, he is ready to use his passion to continue helping others.


Ashwin Chugh

Ashwin has always loved creating things from legos to virtual applications. In recent years, he has become more involved with STEM and found his joy in teaching and helping the community. Ashwin is looking forward to the prospect of teaching under Codet Camp this summer.